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Kissed by a Giraffe

photo of Jolene and giraffe photo of Jolene kissing giraffe

My husband grew up in East Africa, and he recently took our family to visit Tanzania and Kenya so that we could see his childhood home.

We splurged and stayed one evening at the Giraffe Manor near Nairobi, Kenya. The manor has six bedrooms, six giraffes (that roam the grounds), a bunch of warthogs, and 140 acres of indigenous forest. The giraffes walk up to the manor, stick their heads into the open doors and windows, and you can feed—and kiss them.

Getting kissed by a giraffe is a wet, sticky experience. Giraffes have 20-inch tongues that are bluish-black, and when they kiss, they drool three-foot streams of spit.

Even though I needed to hose myself down after the experience, I would kiss a giraffe again and relish the sight of the giraffes galloping across the yard while the sun sets in East Africa.

Written by Jolene Roehlkepartain.